Founder story


and laser-focused.


Where we came from

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In my experience, focused, personalized, and quality 
education in developing countries can bring about significant and life-changing influences. About ten years ago, I volunteered at a school as an English teacher in a region that had just been through one of the worst earthquakes in China
 in recent history. It was shocking for me to find out that students who had been learning this language for years could not verbalize a simple sentence like "thank you very much" correctly because the only person who teaches English was a Mandarin-speaking math teacher. Due to the underprivileged economic status of that region, teachers are unwilling to go there. I realized that education resources are unevenly and unfairly distributed in China, and it is unfair to students from remote and underprivileged areas.

Who we fight for


During my time in the post-earthquake reconstruction area, 
I met an orphan baby who had lost both of her parents during the disaster. While I was holding her in my arms, what struck me was that I knew this baby girl, who's roughly the 
same age as my younger sister, would grow up in an environment without quality education. My sister, on the other hand, would grow up living in a highly-developed 
city and enjoy its abundance of educational resources. This baby's destiny was predetermined just like every student 
at that school because the education resources were not there for them. Feeling her weight in my arms made me ruminate over the different life trajectories. That seminal moment impressed upon me a sense of mission and a lifelong goal to provide equitable learning opportunities for the hundreds of millions of underprivileged children around the world.

Where we are heading


After years of research and preparation, I launched HiLink with several like-minded friends who want to bring changes to the world that desperately needs it. I'm humbled and encouraged by the numerous talents that joined our team over the years because they share the same values and vision. HiLink is laser-focused on our goal and will always 
be that way because we are not in this for ourselves—we are fighting for that baby girl and hundreds of millions of children just like her.