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Learning has never been
so easy and fun.


Anywhere, anytime,
on any device.

Tap into a seamless world of customized learning.

Desktop / Mobile / Tablet
Mac OS / iOS / Windows / Android

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Effortless and
blazingly fast connection.

Stable and uninterrupted learning experience, regardless of distance and location.

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Stress-free scheduling.
Across multiple time zones.

Smart calendar takes the stress out of scheduling classes and automatically adjusts class times based on your current time zone.



Take full control of your learning, before and after class.

Class Notes

Key learning points, memorized for you.

Video Recording

Never miss a class.

Everything you need.
All in one place.

Fully digitized and carefully organized
course materials ensure that you will never leave knowledge behind.


The entire learning cycle, customized.

Our machine learning algorithm takes in data from periodic assessments and recorded learning time to analyze the learning progress and generate vocabulary and review material recommendations based on the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve.